NE 386 Nuclear Energy Engineering (3+0+0) 3

Core physics, nuclear power stations, nuclear reactor materials, core thermohydraulics, environmental aspects of nuclear reactor technology, fuel cycle and economics, nuclear technology in Turkey.

NE 481 Introduction to Applied Nuclear Science I (3+0+0) 3

Applications of nuclear reactions and radiation physics, radiation detection, health physics and biological radiation protection, radioisotope applications, atomic and nuclear physical foundations of Nuclear Engineering.

Prerequisite: PHYS 202 or Equiv.

NE 482 Introduction to Applied Nuclear Science II (3+0+0) 3

Mathematical and physical problems of nuclear reactor systems, techniques for handling the transport diffusion and reactor kinetics equations met in nuclear reactor physics and engineering, numerical applications.

Prerequisite: MATH 252 or Equiv.

NE 502 Nuclear Engineering Laboratory (2+2+0) 3

Study and determination of operational characteristics of various radiation detection devices, statistics of radioactivity measurement; feather analysis; compton scattering; determination of attenuation coefficient; thickness measurements; neutron beam experiments, foil counting; build-up and decay analysis, correction factor, coincidence counting.

NE 571 Nuclear Reactor Theory I (3+0+0) 3

A short review of nuclear physics including binding energy, nuclear cross sections and nuclear fission; neutron chain reacting system, the diffusion of neutrons, theory of neutron moderation; neutron thermalization; Fermi theory of the bare thermal reactor, the group diffusion method.

NE 572 Nuclear Reactor Theory II (3+0+0) 3

Heterogeneous reactors, changes in reactivity, control rod calculations, perturbation theory, introduction to neutron transport theory.

Prerequisite: NE 571.

NE 578 Fundamentals of Nuclear Engineering (3+0+0) 3

Application of the fundamentals of engineering physics to nuclear power generation; basic power cycles and characteristics of nuclear heat sources, problems peculiar to nuclear reactors in the areas of energy removal, materials, thermal stresses, biological effects of radiation, shielding.

NE (580-590) Special Topics in Nuclear Engineering (3+0+0) 3

NE 634 Reactor Dynamics (3+0+0) 3

Derivation of dynamics equations, solutions to the dynamics equations, linear system stability, non-linear system stability.

NE 664 Reactor Thermohydraulics (3+0+0) 3

Reactor flux distribution and reactor heat generation, heat conduction in reactor fuel elements, heat transfer and fluid flow, heat transfer with change of phase, core thermal design, maximum temperatures, hot-spot factor.

Prerequisite: NE 571.

NE 675 Methods in Reactor Design Analysis I (3+0+0) 3

Review of linear equations and matrix algebra, difference equations, numerical solutions of equations; multigroup diffusion methods, transport methods, the Monte Carlo method.

NE 676 Methods in Reactor Design Analysis II (3+0+0) 3

Synthesis method; finite element method; acceleration of convergence; development of codes utilizing numerical methods presented.

Prerequisite: NE 675.

NE 677 Neutron Transport Theory (3+0+0) 3

General properties of the transport equation and its solutions; neutron transport without regeneration; solution of the homogeneous, one speed transport equation, applications of the simple eigenfunction expansion; halfspace and slab problem; time dependent problems; numerical methods; invariant imbedding; transport problems in other areas.

NE 679 Nuclear Reactor Engineering (2+0+2) 3

Systems analysis and design of nuclear reactors; integrating the requirements of reactor physics, control heat transfer, heat transfer, safety, materials, power production, and fuel cycle management; economic optimization; computer applications; group design project. Prerequisite: NE 572, NE 678, NE 664.

NE (680-689) Special Studies in Nuclear Engineering (3+0+0) 3

NE 690 M.S. Thesis

NE 699 Guided Research (2+4+0) 4

Research in the field of Nuclear Engineering, by arrangement with members of the faculty; guidance of doctoral students towards the preparation and presentation of a research proposal.

NE 790 Ph.D. Thesis